5 Simple Tips on Making The Most Out Of Winter Season December 16, 2020 – Posted in: Blogs

Most of us stopped caring about our ‘favourite seasons’ when we grew up, as life became one big blur of hectic schedules. But those of us who love to travel and trek can appreciate changing seasons and their finer aspects. We know our way around planning and preparing trips, having learned that nature will always dance to its own tune. For some, though, the gloomy cold is a slide straight down in the dumps. In this blog, we’re giving you some tips to jump back up and enjoy the season while it lasts.

1. Make different food choices

You finally have the chance to gobble up all the hot and spicy stuff that’s plain uncomfortable in hot weather. We’re talking soups, steaming cuppa noodles, that very odd-looking flavour of tea that yoga instructor posted on Instagram, which you’ve always secretly wanted to try.

Or do you have more of a sweet tooth? Get your favourite mug out of the cabinet and fill it up with warm cocoa, DIY hot chocolate, or even a simple piping hot cup of coffee.

Tap the photo to browse more designs

Tap the photo to browse more designs

2. It’s time to switch up your wardrobe

In contrast to other seasons, your top priority in winter is staying warm. You may have reconciled giving up your fashion tastes to settle for the same variety of sweatshirts and hoodies and woollen sweaters. “Jeez! I don’t want to go out wearing that!” Your ride gathers dust as you’re less and less motivated to venture outside. There’s good news for you! Comfortable does not always mean boring. We have dozens and dozens of hoodies and sweatshirts, with designs that will definitely steal plenty of glances. Grab a Trip N Me hoodie, and head out basking in warmth and style.

3. Get Moving

Physical activity is a great way to combat cold. Go for a run or bang out home bodyweight workouts every day. Getting a sweat on will give you a much-needed immunity boost. It will help you stay warm and energetic. Dip your feet into rejuvenating activities like Yoga, or Aerobics, which are aimed at regulating your heartbeats.

4. Decorate your environment differently

If you have vacation photos of you and your gang at the beach propped up on your desk, guess how your mood is going to be? You’ll forever be wishing the season out there would get over soon. Instead, create an atmosphere of cosiness and comfort. Get creative with your immediate environment and you’ll find yourself adjusting to winter in no time.

5. Lean into it

Sometimes, extremes are good. Fight a low temperature with an even lower one. Round up your biking gang and take a trip north. Go where the snow-capped mountains are at their most glorious. Fire up the bike engine and your spirits and get lost somewhere your troubles can’t find you. You’ll shed off your old self there and come back with a newer one.

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