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Best time to visit Spiti

Are you wondering about when is the best time to experience the wonders of Spiti?
It is very common for tourists to make the journey to Spiti in Summer. But, did you know that the roads to Spiti valley are accessible throughout the year? We will help you to make the best decision for your unique needs and interests so you can choose best time for you to visit Spiti.

Which route to take for your trip?
Please note that you can reach Spiti valley throughout the year only from the road that goes from the Shimla side that is this route: Shimla – Narkanda – Rampur – Jeori – Reckong Peo – Nako – Tabo – Dhankar – Kaza.
The other route is via Manali in this manner: Manali – Rohtang Pass – Gramphoo – Batal – Losar – Kaza. This route is only open from June to September.
The Rohtang and Kunzum Pass will be closed from October to May.
So if you are planning to complete the circuit (enter from Shimla, exit from Manali or vice versa, we want you to know that this can be done from June till September only.


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When to not visit
January is not a good time to visit Spiti. During this time the road from Manali to Kaza is closed and the route from Shimla passes through areas that have heavy snowfall. There are high chances of getting stranded due to this reason. Additionally, it will be tough to find good accommodation. The same case also applies to the monsoon months (August especially) where much caution and care must be taken due to unpredictable and heavy rain. Landslides and slurry are other obstacles in this season.

Visiting Spiti for the Snow.
If you want to experience the glory of the snow covering the mountains and the ground, you need to plan carefully. This is not the traditional tourist season. It is important to know that the facilities will be limited due to the low temperature. Heavy snowfall in this time makes it necessary for you to have buffer days planned in case of road closure. Also note that running water will not be available during this time and you will need to used dry pit toilets. The food will be very simple and basic fare as well. You will have to plan your trip carefully as most hotels remain closed. The best option would be to book a homestay.
Winter in Spiti can be very harsh and make both roads and resources inaccessible. The Manali to Kaza road will be closed. Kaza to Losar is also closed. This will not be the best time to visit Kunzum Pass due to road closure. The Kaza – Langza – Komic – Hikkim – Kaza road will also remain closed during the winter months.
Essentials to carry: Woollen clothing, hand sanitizer, a sleeping bag with a good temperature rating to keep you warm.
When to visit: March.

Best time to visit Spiti Valley on Bike
If you do not want to go to Spiti without your trusty bike, then make sure that you plan your visit when the roads are accessible and the weather is bearable. It is best to avoid going to Spiti in July and August if you want to take your bike with you. This is the time that the monsoon season begins and the roads will not be ideal for a bike ride. While some people do take a Winter Ride, it is best to be aware of the risks and the inconvenience that you may face. Some roads will be closed in Winter.
When to visit: April, May, June and September

Spiti Valley for the tourist experience
The temperature in Spiti Valley becomes bearable in April- May. Summer in Spiti valley offers a lot of outdoor activities such as camping, paragliding, rock climbing as well as wonderful views. You can consider sightseeing and opt for the monasteries and the safaris that Spiti has to offer.
A large number of tourists flock to Spiti in June and July. The Manali to Chandratal road opens up for tourists. Chandratal is a popular destination for tourists. June-July is also the time when the Manali to Kaza road that passes through Kunzum is open. Thus, you can cover a lot of the various remote villages and sites of interest. Hotels too offer all possible facilities. This is also the best period to visit Spiti Valley by road.
When to visit: June-July-September.

Visiting Spiti for Solitude
The hotels and guesthouses in Spiti Valley open in late March/early April as the snow starts to melt. This is the period where there will be fewer tourists and an opportunity to experience a peaceful visit to Spiti.
The weather will be very cold and the accommodation will be limited. The road from Kaza to Manali is not open in this period. This will not allow you to complete the circuit from Shimla to Kinnaur to Kaza to Manali.
When to visit: late March/ April

Best time to visit Spiti Valley on a Budget
For a pocket friendly trip, it is best to go when all hotels are open and you can find budget accommodation. Using Public Transport is also a great way to keep the cost down and the enjoyment high.
When to visit: June – September.

We hope that this helped you in your trip planning! Do feel free to share your experiences with us, we would love to hear from you! Do email us on

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