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How Bike Riding changed my life: An influencer speaks!

Welcome back to this exciting new biker focused series!
They say “Do what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” When you love the thrill of the chase on two wheels and are at home on a bike, it is easier said than done. Biking takes a lot of determination, courage and confidence. Team Tripnme are thrilled to share the voice of a biker, R, who has made his passion speak and work for him!
This blog post is charged with energy and we hope it makes you feel excited to pursue your passion and go down the highways and ghats of life! In a candid conversation, our biker boss shares his journey!

Biking ifluenced my life - motivations


How long have you been a rider?
I was passionate about biking from a very young age. I think the closest I can get to putting it in words is that feeling when you dream of racing like the pros but you’re probably 3-4 years old on a bicycle! Also probably just got a brand-new cycle and you zoom around your neighborhood with your friends trying to see who’s the fastest of them all!
I graduated from bicycles to a scooter thanks to my uncle. I first rode a Honda Kinetic scooter at the early age of 12 and then there was one at home permanently. Well that’s just the craze part of it, but here’s where the real deal began.
It was the Summer of 2012 and we were barely getting in through high school. I meet an old friend who shared this same dream of riding to the nearest hilly area which was about 120 KMS away.
The initial idea was we ride our scooters, no pillion and just the few things we need like a water bottle, wallets and documentation should we land into any sort of trouble with the authorities. After planning over and over again and me bailing out each and every time my friend decided he’d go with or without me. He rode, had fun and sent me pictures. This is where you know you’d have the same about of fun should you take the risk.

Tell us about your first bike and your first ride!
Moving forward to the following month, the next ride planned. I had just picked up my new motorcycle, the Honda CB 150. Only this time instead of 120 odd KMS we had planned something close to 350 KMS. The journey was to be from Panjim (Goa) to Kolhapur (Maharashtra) and back on the same day!
We reached home earlier than expected and sharing this story with everyone back home was a whole new feeling of excitement!

Are you in touch with any fellow bikers?
Since we loved riding, we joined an already existent motoring group. It was a community of bikers from all different backgrounds, riding different segments of motorcycles all living different lives all coming together to enjoy one thing we all had in common which was riding motorcycles

What big changes, if any, did biking bring to your life?
There’s a lot of things that come out of biking. As a college student I used to ride often from the Sunday rides to riding interstate for a weekend definitely came with its benefits! Confidence, a sense of adventure and an energetic and satisfactory experience are just a few of them. When on the motorcycle across any ride it’s the feeling of setting yourself free when you’re out on the road. That’s a constant! Somehow your thoughts and worries tend to disappear and you’re enjoying that very moment with the wind in your face and the rumble of the engine!

How did you make your passion translate into a professional level?
Social media is an amazing market place, a platform form almost anything provided you’re passionate and use the right channel! For me, when companies used to ask me to ride a bike, give feedback and help develop products, it was a win-win-win situation! In this case, my passion and expertise became a precious skill set!
We would like to thank R for sharing his journey with us!

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