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Having a place to come back to and relax after a long day is an important part of your getaway, though it might not be the most exciting part of it. But is it really a holiday if you are worrying about where you will sleep and how the living conditions will be in an unknown place? The adventurer in you is always looking for new experiences and challenges but we know that finding unpleasant surprises in your hotel room is not one you’d want.
The hotel or the lodging that you stay in when you are on your vacation should be a place to let go of your worries. Let us help you out. Here you’ll find a list of lodging places in some of the most popular destinations on the Srinagar – Ladakh circuit.

• Chicago House Boat
Where: Dal Lake, Kashmir
Why: A unique experience of staying in a spacious houseboat hotels, authentic Kashmiri food and warm hospitality.
Website: http://www.chicagohouseboats.com
Contact: 94190 61430
Email :chicagodallake@hotmail.com

• Hotel Alhamara
Where: Behind Shalimar Garden, Pazzalpura, Shalimar, Srinagar
Why: Spacious rooms, delicious food and serene environment. A good budget hotel with courteous staff offering all necessities.
Website: http://stayinalhamra.com
Contact:94199 45070, 70061 64477
Email : alhamra.sgr1@gmail.com, info@stayinalhamra.com

• Hotel Greenland
Where: Changchik Kargil
Why: Clean, cosy and serene. Hotel Greenland provides all the basic necessities at an affordable rate.
Website: https://greenlandkargil.business.site
Contact: 99069 73505

• Hotel Royal Gasho
Where: Near Tourist Facilitation Center, Bemathang, Baroo, Kargil
Why: Close to the city but far enough to provide a serene and rejuvenating environment. Hotel Royal Gasho offers spacious room and warm hospitality to make your stay memorable and comfortable.
Website: http://www.hotelroyalgasho.com
Contact: 95966 56935

• Hotel Tukchu (Tukchu Homestay)
Where: Below Shanti Stupa, Changspa Rd, Leh,
Why: The scenic view and the comfortable and peaceful accommodation is a perfect option for families. The homecooked food and the personal consideration and care showed by the host family offers a memorable experience as well as an inside view into traditional Kashmiri life and culture.
Contact: 096229 85005

• Hotel Royal Heritage
Where: Fort Road, Leh
Why: A unique experience of cultural diversity and unity, the serene ambience and the environment friendly philosophy.
Website: www.royalheritageresortleh.com
Contact: 95966 56935
Email :rhresort.leh@gmail.com

• Hotel Lha-Ling-Kha
Where: Main Tukcha Road,Leh
Why: Just 10 minutes away from Leh airport, Lha-Ling-Kha offers a panaromic view of the mountains along with comfortable and affordable rooms. Tradition and Modernity blend well together in the architecture and service!
Website: http://lhalingkha.com
Contact: 95966 56935
Email : lhalingkha@gmail.com

• Alpenglow Camps
Where: Hunder Ombay Nubra Valley
Why: Comfortable tents situated in a serene location, daily bonfire nights and warm hospitality.
Contact: 96222 25595
Email :htcladakh@gmail.com , info@htcladakh.com

• Organic Retreat
Where: Nubra Valley
Why: The farm to table experience – Organic Retreat grows their own vegetables! The luxury tents with personal verandah, the spectacular view and the hospitality are irresistable. They also offer smaller rooms with a view of the garden and a feel of being in harmony with nature that makes for a unique experience.
Website: http://www.nubraorganicretreat.com
Contact: 97973 47647
Email :organicretreat@hotmail.com

• Sand dune
Where: Heart of Nubra
Why: A quaint, peaceful stay with warm hospitality, great rooms and delicious food that has a home cooked feel to it.
Contact: 96222 25595
Email :htcladakh@gmail.com , info@htcladakh.com

• Pangong Lake View
Where: Near Pangong Lake
Why: Pangong Lake view marries luxury with proximity to nature. Spacious carpeted tents with attached bathrooms, warm hospitality and a multicuisine menu combined with the scenic view makes the resort tick all the boxes!
Website: http://www.pangonglakeviewcamp.com
Contact: 98115 95469
Email :stayatpangonglakeview@gmail.com

• Alpenglow Pangong Camps
Where: Near Pangong Lake
Why: The spacious rooms and hospitality despite the remote location. They also offer a wholesome camping experience with tents and bonfires. The great view is just the cherry on top of the cake!
Website: http://www.alpenglowpangong.com
Contact:96222 25595
Email :info@alpenglowpangong.com

• Moonland Hotel
Where: Lamayuru
Why: An easy on the budget but high on the quality and hospitality, the hotel offers an aura of peace, welcome and cultural authenticity.
Website: http://www.hotelmoonland.in
Contact: 94198 88508
Email :hotelmoonland@gmail.com

• Hotel Brown Place
Where: Pahalgam
Why: Traditionally handcrafted rooms and cottages and the warm and authentic Kashmiri hospitality. Not to mention the spectacular view, the cosy rooms and rates that won’t burn a hole in your wallet!
Website: http://www.brownpalace.in
Contact: 0194 250 0216
Email :info@brownpalace.in

Where: Katra
Why: The Great location for easy access to market place, affordable rooms and good hospitality.
Website: http://www.mountviewinternational.com
Contact: 97970 71053
Email : mountviewinternational01@gmail.com

• Apple Nubra cottage
Where: Nubra Valley
Why: This place offers the best of both worlds: Swiss Style Luxury tents and attached bathroom. Along with combining adventure with ease, it offers a scenic view of the Shayok river and is run by local professionals.
Website: http://applenubra.com
Contact: 94191 15108
Email :dsangchok@gmail.com

• Himalyan Eco Resort
Where: Village Hunder, Nubra
Why: An exquisite getaway from the fast paced city life to enjoy nature with deluxe tents, organic farm produce and a child friendly environment.
Website: http://www.himalayanecoresort.in
Contact: 84920 27744
Email :welcometonubra@gmail.com

Visited some of these places already? Do you have a fond memory in any of these hotels? Did you experience any other places that you found warm and welcoming?

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