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There’s a lot of places in the eternally scenic Ladakh that can take your breath away. This definitely makes it hard for you to choose where to go. If you want to enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer, explore the rich culture or get your adrenaline going, we have a list that might make your trip a little easier. Here’s the top ten places you can’t miss if you are paying a visit to a Ladakh. 

  1. Pangong

A popular tourist attraction for its beauty, this chilled salt water lake receives more visitors than ever after its appearance in the movie Three Idiots.  With its clear water and the mountains, the view might make you feel as if you have been transported into another dimension. To experience the true beauty and beat the crowd, don’t stay too long at the Three idiots point, go ahead for about 4-5 km.

  1. Tso Mo ri ri

A quieter, relatively unexplored lake, Tso Mo ri ri stands out like a spell binding, enthralling painting with its incomparably blue, calm waters. It is a remote location that will make for a long ride and require a night stay here. Camping options are limited so we recommend advance bookings. The sight of this lake at night is one you won’t forget for a very long time. 

  1. Khardung la

Khardungla connects Leh city and Nubra valley. Its beauty can be best experienced while on a bike A strenuous and challenging pass that is sure to give you a euphoric feeling at being on the highest motorable pass in the world. An army canteen at the top offers free tea to warm you up. 

  1. Nubra Valley

Known as the Orchard of Ladakh, Nubra offers a wide variety of picturesque places. The natural landscape, monasteries and the wildlife are hot attractions. Don’t miss out on the Hunder Sand Dunes, a top camping site between Hunder and Diskit villages. Another view to look out for is that of the rare two humped camel- the Bactrian Camel. 

  1. Diskit Buddha Statue

The Diskit monastery, also known as Diskit Gompa is located in the Nubra valley of Ladakh. This monastery was founded in the 14thCentury and is one of the oldest and largest monasteries in Leh Ladakh. The Diskit Buddha statue is a 100 foot high Maitreya Buddha statue which was inaugurated by the holy Dalai Lama- a prime attraction. From this location, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Nubra valley along with a slice of the rich heritage.

  1. River rafting at Nimu

Add a splash of variety to your adventure and indulge in an exciting river rafting trip at Nimu. This expedition offers a journey through picturesque mountains and a refreshing adrenaline rush. 

  1. Shanti Stupa

As the same suggests, you will find a sense of great calm and tranquillity here. The stupa is modern and yet has a timeless beauty about it that attracts a lot of tourists, both foreign and Indian. A panoramic and serene view that you find here will make for a relaxing break if you wish for one. 

  1. Lamayuru Monastery

The cultural richness and the tranquillity you find at the monastery is one reason to visit. The reason is the uniqueness of this area – the ‘lunar’ or ‘moon-scapes’. These are geological formations that are an incredible sight to behold. 

  1. Magnetic Hill

The magnetic hill, a scenic stretch of road on the Leh-Kargil highway, is a perfect place to visit. It offers a unique, puzzling experience that also makes for a great story. To experience the gravity defying phenomenon, you must follow the instructions and park your vehicle in the neutral gear. The vehicle starts to move at a speed close to 20 kmph.
This place also has a tale of its own-There was once a road that led people to heaven. Deserving people were pulled to the path directly but others could never make it there.

  1. Changla Pass

Halfway through Leh and Pangong, this pass is covered with snow the year round and is a 75 km journey from Leh. It can be an adventurous route for bikers as it offers a panoramic, mesmerizing view of snow-capped peaks. The weather here is knuckle freezing and may change drastically. There is also a small temple that you can visit here.

  1. Turtuk

The northernmost Indian village and the last major Indian settlement, Turtuk is often called the village divided by a border. The language spoken in this village is Balti – a unique mix of Persian and old Tibetan. Along with this, its secluded location, welcoming locals and the incredible hospitality makes Turtuk a unique addition to your trip.

  1. Tang lang La-

This pass is on the Leh-Manali highway and offers a mesmerizing view with the snow-capped mountains. The journey thrills you with every twist and turn. The weather is chilly and accompanied by dry wind. We recommend that you ensure proper acclimatization before biking on this pass. “The world’s second highest motorable pass” is a title that Tang lang la now competes for with Changla.


These are the top twelve places that you should experience in Ladakh. But no true adventure is an adventure unless you explore on your own. What are your favourites? We’d like to know!

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