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The feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment after spending time in nature and pushing yourself to take every step, even the ones that you thought you could not, is enough to set your heart racing. Trekking is an exhilarating and amazing exercise along with being an adventure in itself. Each trek is a lesson in itself, allowing you to understand not just the surroundings you trek in but also yourself!
We’ve compiled a list of some trekking trails in India and have tried to include something for everyone!


Mulkarkha Lake Trek, Sikkim

The Mulkarkha Lake has a sacred significance for the locals, and it is believed that a wish made in the lake will come true. It is perfect option if you want to go on a family adventure. This trek in the Himalayas is a picturesque one and the heart-warming local hospitality along traditional food make the trek well worth a visit.

Difficulty level: Easy
Duration: 3 days
When to visit: October to December

Har Ki Dun, Uttarakhand

This valley trek is considered to be the same route taken by the Pandavas to ascend to heaven. The trek offers a breath-taking landscape as well as an opportunity to observe the lives of the locals. There are a number of ancient temples that will give the feeling of slipping into another time.

Difficulty level: Moderate
Duration: 9 days
When to visit: January, April- May

Valley of Flowers Trek, Uttarakhand

Offering a beautiful sensory experience for both the eyes and the nose, this valley is covered with wild flowers. It is also home to various different butterfly species as well as endangered animals like the mountain leopard!

Difficulty level: Moderate
Duration: 6-7 days
When to visit: July- August

Deoriatal-Chandrashila Trek, Uttarkhand

This is a gorgeous spring trek that stuns one with colour and sound. The chirps of the birds, the ethereal view of blooming rhododendrons and the trails covered with moss make the trek both a delightful and unique experience. This is also an ideal trek to indulge in birdwatching.

Difficulty level: Moderate
Duration: 6 days
When to visit: March and April, September and October.

Dzongri Trek, West Sikkim

This trek is a challenge thanks to the terrain but is rewarded by the spectacular sight of Kanchenjunga. This trek definitely requires one to be physically fit.

Difficulty level: Hard
Duration: 8 – 10 days
When to visit: between September to November or between March and April

Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh

This trek allows you to experience the culture. It offers a beautiful view of Ladakh and Zanskar. It takes you through the Hemis National Park as well as rocky canyons and Buddhist villages. This is a popular trek due to its proximity to Leh.

Difficulty level: Hard
Duration: 10 days
When to visit: August/September

Chadar Trek, Ladakh

Trek across the frozen Zanskar in the Zanskar valley and brave the icy rocks, the low temperatures! The experience is an out of the world one with the glorious landscape and the visual wonders it offers for those that dare to undertake it.

Difficulty level: Hard
Duration: 5 days
When to visit: January to February

Lamayuru to Kongski la Trek, Ladakh

Offering serious competition to the Chadar trek and passing through world renowned monasteries, this trek offers an opportunity to challenge yourself. The experience of walking on a frozen river is the high point of this trek.

Difficulty level: Hard
Duration: 5 days
When to visit: January to February

There are a lot more trails to be explored we would love to hear your favourites! Do take the leap and share them with us.   Email us on

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