2 Badges Combo Ladakh + Julley R


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A combo of 2 Badges that showcases Ladakhi culture

A combo of 2 Badges for your Biking Accessories. Badges Combo: Ladakh and Julley

Ladakh This is another Ladakhi-themed Badge combo that will inspire you to travel. The first Badge is a peace-awakening design that captures the spirit of Ladakh. The entire design is constructed with the style of a cartoonist. Snowcapped mountains, the flowing rivers of Ladakh, the Tibetan flag and general scenery of Ladakh is depicted as the backdrop. Overlapping these naturist elements is the figure of a meditating Buddha sitting in a lotus, with his hair tied up in a bun and a satisfied expression on his face. Below this graphical extravaganza is the word, “Ladakh” in a red background.

Julley  The second Badge welcomes you in Ladakhi language. Julley, or “Hello” in Ladakhi forms the central theme to this Badge design. The Tibetan flag hangs over it.

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