2 Badges Combo Peace + therapist


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A combo of 2 Badges for Riders who find bliss in their journey

A combo of 2 Badges for your Biking Accessories. Badges Combo: Peace and Therapist

Peace The first Badge in this power-packed combo is for those who find meditation in riding. On a glossy black background rests the graphic of a motorcycle. By its left handle is a big, red heart with the word, “Love” also written in red font. On the other, is the hippie Peace symbol in blue, along with the world “Peace”. Below the graphic is your favorite word, Motorcycle!

Therapist The second Badge follows a similar vein of wellness. Two concentric tire structures made of ball-bearings, resembling the chained rotators of motorbikes form the backdrop of this design. Inside, in an arched layout are the sentences: “You don’t need a therapist if you own” Below this, in bold lettering, the sentence is completed: “A Motorcycle.” Remind yourself and your rider friends of the healing powers of riding, with this cool design.

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