3 Badges Combo Explorer + Pack Your Bags + To Travel Is To Live


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A combo of 3 Badges for Riders & Travelers

A combo of 3 Badges for your Biking Accessories. Badges Combo: Explorer, Pack Your Bags, To Travel Is To Live

Explorer This special 3-Badge combo has been made with love for those who dream of losing themselves in the wilderness. The first design is one which inspires an overwhelming wanderlust in a single glance at it. The design is two-part. The upper part are graphics of mountains and giant trees, painted in varying shades of a stunning gradient blue, with just hints of yellow and green. The lower part is just a simple word but designed in a font as you’ve never seen before. The word is “Explorer”, in itself enough to awaken the travel spirit.

Pack Your Bags The second one, quite literally, calls out you to to Pack Your Bags and go for a grand adventure.

To Travel Is To Live The final Badge reminds you of your passion: To Travel Is To Live!

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