Trip N Me Multipurpose Badges – Been There Black


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A retro style is central to this badge design. ‘Khardunga La’, the design says, accompanied by the impressive height of ‘18,380 FT’. A design that’s bound to invite questions! Tell great stories of your travel with this design and become a hero of your group.

Special features for Trip N Me Multipurpose Badge Been There Black
Trip N Me Multipurpose Badge is a new range of Badges introduced by Trip N Me in their accessories section.
  • Diameter 58mm – 2.25-inch
  • Round button badge
  • Pin-back glossy finish
  • Full colour print
Trip N Me Multipurpose Badge Been There Black

A shared silhouette of a mountain in retro BnW style is central to this design. At its peak, is the name of the pass it houses: ‘Khardunga La’, accompanied by the impressive height: ‘18,380 FT’ stamped in a yellow rectangle. At the top of the design are the words: ‘Been there now. Ask me how.’ At the bottom right corner appears the apt hashtag, ‘#Conversation Starter’.

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