Trip N Me Multipurpose Badges – Explorer

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A badge which inspires an overwhelming sense of wanderlust in a single glance. Some travel to leave behind what they know; others travel to know what they don’t, yet. Either way, to travel is to “explore”.

Special features for Trip N Me Multipurpose Badge Explorer
Trip N Me Multipurpose Badge is a new range of Badges introduced by Trip N Me in their accessories section.
  • Diameter 58mm – 2.25-inch
  • Round button badge
  • Pin-back glossy finish
  • Full colour print
Trip N Me Multipurpose Badge Explorer

A design which inspires an overwhelming wanderlust in a single glance at it. The design is two-part. The upper part are graphics of mountains and giant trees, painted in varying shades of a stunning gradient blue, with just hints of yellow and green. The lower part is just a simple word but designed in a font as you’ve never seen before. The word is ‘Explorer’, in itself enough to awaken the travel spirit. Add to that the extravaganza of the curvy font and you have a perfect design that makes a bold statement about your adventurous spirit. The font is quirky, with rhythmic slashes and swirls at just the right places. In contrast to the upper part, a solid single shade of blue is used to decorate the lower part. A design that urges you to travel.

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