Trip N Me Multipurpose Badges – Therapist

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When there’s wind whipping against your face and the sound of your bike revving along serene roads, do you really need another therapist? Engage more with your own thrilling form of wellbeing, and get this design to commemorate your healing.

Special features for Trip N Me Multipurpose Badge Therapist
Trip N Me Multipurpose Badge is a new range of Badges introduced by Trip N Me in their accessories section.
  • Diameter 58mm – 2.25-inch
  • Round button badge
  • Pin-back glossy finish
  • Full colour print
Trip N Me Multipurpose Badge Therapist

Two concentric tire structures made of ball-bearings, resembling the chained rotators of motorbikes form the backdrop of this design. Inside, in an arched layout are the sentences: ‘You don’t need a therapist if you own…’ Below this, in bold lettering, the sentence is completed: ‘A Motorcycle.’ Remind yourself and your rider friends of the healing powers of riding, with this cool design.

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