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All About Spiti: Guide at a Glance
A serene and sparsely populated area, Spiti is a cold desert valley that is also known as the ‘Land of Lamas’. As it is a middle land between India and Tibet, you will find that the culture there is influenced by the Tibetan one. Spiti offers something for every kind of traveller, be it a history enthusiast, a traveller with a passion for the natural world, an adventure lover or a photographer determined to shoot awe inspiring frames. Ancient Monasteries, enchanting local festivals, thrilling treks and hikes, heart-warming local hospitality and cuisine all await you at Spiti!

Things to note:
• The weather in Spiti is often unpredictable and erratic. It gets freezing cold in the night and windy in the afternoon. It Is important to carry jackets and appropriate clothing for the cold weather.
• Make sure to carry sufficient cash on the trip. ATMs, though available at certain places may not work and it is best to be prepared.
• BSNL is the Cell phone service that works through out Spiti. Land phones are available everywhere.

When to visit:
June to October is the time that you can pay a visit to Spiti. Be sure to look up the conditions in Kunzum La before you begin your journey. It is wise to avoid visiting in the monsoon season as the rainfall is both heavy and continuous. Road connectivity is limited and not reliable during winter months.

How to go:
There are no flights or trains to Spiti. Nothing is lost as Spiti makes for an amazing and unforgettable road trip. You can reach Spiti via Manali or through the Trans Himalayas via Shimla – Kinnaur – Spiti.

What to do:
Here is a small taste of what Spiti offers on its plate-
• Visit some of the oldest Monasteries
Spiti has a wealth of ancient monasteries and temples. The Tabo Monastery, Key Monastery, Gandhola Monastery and Lhalung Monastery are a few of them. The Tabo Monastery is of special importance as it is both one of the oldest Buddhist Monasteries as well as the favourite of the Dalai Lama. The Tantric Gompa (Komic) is one of the highest Gompas in the world at 4587m.
• Nature watch
If you like birdwatching or spotting wild, exotic animals, you are in for a treat. You may be able to spot birds like the Golden Eagle, Vultures and more. Be sure to take your binoculars along.
Some of the animals that you may be lucky enough to encounter are Ibex, Red Fox and the ever-elusive Snow Leopard.
• Photography
Spiti’s landscape seems to be a perfect, tailormade photoshoot opportunity. You can capture the colours of the landscape, with the sands and the lake, in all their glory. The beautiful Chandrataal (Moon Lake) is just one if the many delightful sights you can capture.
• Food
Indulge in Thupka, Momos and Butter tea. If you want to give your taste buds an adventure, go for the Yak cheese.
• Trekking and Hiking
Beginners can take a trek from Tabo to the Meditation Caves. This easy trek will take about an hour.
For Moderate difficulty, you can try treks from Lhalung to Demul, Demul to Hikkim, Hikkim to Komic. Each of these options are a two to three-hour trek.
For those wishing to challenge themselves, the Pin-Parvati trek is a great option. This trek absolutely requires acclimatisation.

As the coming few months will be the perfect time to visit, the next few blogs will focus on Spiti. We will try to cover as much as we can about this magical place as possible.
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