Julley…. Welcome to Ladakh

By now, we all know that there is a beautiful travel destination called Ladakh in India. Thanks to movie 3 Idiots which has showcased a glimpse of astoundingly beautiful Pangong Lake. When I visited this lake for the first time ever in 2009, I was told by the locals that “sir aapne ek hafta pahle aana tha, Aamir aur Kareena aaye the yaha” (you should have come a week earlier, Aamir and Kareena were here!)…

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Ladakh in 5 days or Less

I had written the below post on an online travel forum a few years back. Re- posting it on our own site as I think the rush to see Too much in Too little time is getting maddening. Even Tripnme organizes short 5 days tours/trips/holidays/adventures to Ladakh by Air or Road. – Sumedh But we still strongly recommend to read the below and think before planning your next trip to Ladakh. Recently I see a…

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