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Antique Gifts for Your Near & Dears

Peace. A word we all know how to read and write but have forgotten how to feel. Situations are tough, the Covid situation worsening, the climate acting like a reckless teenager. These times call for better mindfulness and peace and wellness. Don’t you wish you could just go online and order a box of peace? Wouldn’t it be great to give your loved ones antique gifts to ease their stress and tension?

Well, you can. We at Trip N Me have introduced in our collections antiquities that symbolize goodwill and tranquility. These antique gifts are sure to bring positivity in the lives of people who will be happy recipients of your friendly gesture.

Antique Gifts That Heal

Antique artefacts have their own allure. Something about their rustic look forces us to take a second look. It’s like the past has been captured in a tiny form, fighting against the marching of time. When such a beautiful aesthetic takes on a spiritual meaning, that’s just a double whammy!

The story behind Tibetan singing bowls

A Tibetan singing bowl is a kind of bell that emanates a soothing, reverberating ting. They are often used by Tibetan and Himalayan monks in their meditations. The sound produced by a Tibetan singing bowl has healing effects on the body. It is believed – and widely accepted – that these sounds can revive atrophied muscles, ease joint pain, cure headaches, and do wonders for the digestive systems.

Spiritually, these antique singing bowls can unblock emotional ‘clogs’ and can naturally also be used to improve the concentration because of their steady, pacifying gong.

Tibetan singing bowls have a high place in music therapy and overall have a lot of rejuvenating benefits.

The stunning black and gold Tibetan singing bowls we have come with quaint little wooden stick that can be used to play the antique bowls.

An antique gift that will make you a favourite. How amazing it is to essentially be saying, “Here’s a gift. It will heal you from what you’re going through.”

The Significance of Tibetan Prayer Wheels

Prayer wheels come in all sizes. They can be handheld, affixed in a majestic little stand, or be wall-mounted against the walls of monasteries. The mobility of smaller prayer wheels makes them perfect antique gifts. People can carry them in their cars, be with them anywhere in the house and even carry one for positive energy while they are travelling.

Our Tibetan prayer wheels are inscribed with the ancient mantra, “om mani padme hum.” By design, the prayer wheels allow the effect of prayer to be magnified, because a single turn of the prayer wheel can invoke hundreds of prayers. The surface our prayer wheels are covered in tiny mantras, which go all around the prayer wheel.


You must remember your grandmother saying, “May God will good things for you.” The intention behind these Tibetan prayer wheels is similar. They are widely used to accrue good karma, and purify the soul of negative energies.

The popular hashtag, #sendingpositivevibes takes on a deeper meaning with this gift.

An inveigled antique kettle to enhance your décor

People have their own fascinations with signs and symbols. Some believe having auspicious symbols in one’s vicinity can bring good luck and pure energies to one’s life. The antique finish kettle we have in our store has been inscribed with 6 different signs and symbols.

These symbols stand for goodwill and peace.

The agrestic finish and colours of the kettle make a great addition to somebody’s home décor, not to mention the fact that they are spiritually substantial.

antique tibetan kettle

You cannot show someone how deeply you care about them better than this. With these antique gifts, you bring a lot of warmth and joy in your relationships, while also showering the other person with healing wishes, spiritual wellbeing, and an overall happy life.

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