Tripnme- bringing your trips and memories to your daily life! December 26, 2019 – Posted in: Blogs

You’ve seen Tripnme’ s merch!

The statement T-shirts with vibrant designs, the mugs for your chai or coffee, the flasks that will remind you to stay hydrated on your adventure and much more, so much more!

We want our merch to be something that you can try call ‘Trip and me!’

Our focus is on you and your precious memories.  We want to help you keep that excitement and essence of your passion for adventure with you, wherever you are.

Whether you are feeling trapped in a cubicle at a 9 to 5 job, stuck in front of a desk with lots of assignments or simply daydreaming of that amazing journey you just had, we have you covered.

We bring together style and comfort in a perfect blend of designs that speak your language. Live the wanderlust, flaunt your passion. Express yourself in amazing new ways that really will enhance your life.

No more dusty showpieces. No more confusion about the best gift ideas for that friend of yours who is into trekking, riding and travel and so hard to shop for!

Tripnme offers a wide variety of merch- all that you need to truly bring the magic of that adrenaline rush into your everyday routine. No more boring old, generic things when you can have stuff that is true to who you are.

Spice up your reliable mobile phone with a case that will protect not just your phone but also make you excited! We have so many designs to choose from!

Brighten up your planners, office notebooks and any surface you like with our colourful stickers! We have so many, including our special range of milestone markers that will surely get you all pumped up for your next big trip!

And yes, we have some new products in store!

Have you seen our premium T-shirts? If you like the Tripnme Tees, these ones are going to be such a perfect match for you. We have designs that will leave no doubt about your passion for travel and your bike!

Before we forget, the badges! A chota package, bada power piece that will declare your love for adventure! Put in on your bag pack as you march off to college or work. You never know, it might lead you to people who understand the wonder of feeling the wind rush past you as your destination comes into view!

There’s much more. So much more.

Come, explore!

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