10 travel essentials for a long ride trip 29 Jun 2018 – Posted in: Blogs

You are pumped up! You’ve been looking forward to this trip for ages and are determined to have a perfect journey. But first, you have to address the issue you have been avoiding like a speed breaker- the packing. We don’t know about you, but packing is one of the most stress inducing things about a long trip. You are always going to feel like you have forgotten something.

But don’t worry. Read our blog for travel essentials. Here’s a quick checklist that has all your bases covered so you don’t end up having to miss out on any of the amazing experience on the trip.

  1. Helmet

An obvious requirement as it will protect your head and your jaw. Choose a light weight but sturdy one. Expensive as well as affordable options are available.

  1. UV protection goggles

The sun can get a little merciless and make it hard to focus on the road. UV protection googles will give you protection from ultra violet light. You can choose from pocket friendly googles or go for a more expensive pair.

  1. Balaclava

Balaclava is an absolute essential in cold weather as it will help with turbulent air hitting the back of your head. Most importantly it will protect your nasal passage from the dust and wind which can dry it out and make your nose bleed.

  1. Gloves

Choose a pair of good quality, comfortable gives to protect your knuckles. They also protect you from chilly winds, sun burns and smaller falls- none of which are particularly fun to have on a trip. 

  1. Jacket

Do not choose a leather jacket or a raincoat style jacket as it can get uncomfortably hot for long rides despite how aesthetically pleasing it looks. A good windcheater will protect you from wind, dust, sun and drizzles.  It will also save you from scratches in case of minor falls. You can choose from expensive and more wallet friendly options. While a well-made riding jacket is the best option, a more affordable windcheater also gets the job done

  1. Pants

How is it possible to forget pants you may wonder? Well, it is forgetting to wear the right kind of pants that we are talking about here.  Avoid tight pants and denims as they will make you feel uncomfortable after a few hours. Instead, opt for riding pants or track pants. Ensuring that the pants are quick dry helps if they get wet when you ride through streams. You can opt for pocket friendly or expensive pants.

  1. The right shoes.

Make sure that your shoes are your support on your journey and not a traitor that will make you slip and slide. Choose shoes that are light weight and the right fit. Another important thing is making sure that your shoes have the right grip for balance in difficult terrain where you need support while crossing unsteady patches.

  1. Guards

They really take their name seriously- elbow and knee guards will protect your body from any nasty fall to the best of their ability.

  1. Sling pouch

You can’t enjoy your ride to the fullest if the thoughts of losing all your important documents, money, docs, and mobiles decide to hitchhike with you. A waist pouch is not a good idea as could easily fall off. A sling pouch is safer as it would fall in the jacket if it falls. It will also make sitting more comfortably.

  1. Raincoat

It is always better to carry a raincoat with you just in case the rain decides to crash the trip. Staying dry is important to ensure you don’t feel uncomfortable. 

Clad in this comfortable travel armour, you are sure to conquer all the roads that you dreamt of!

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