Tripnme Hero Tales: Leh to Manali on Foot – in Seven Days! August 22, 2019 – Posted in: Blogs

Team Tripnme is passionate about two things – adventurous trips and amazing memories! This is why, we decided to showcase tales of people, who much like you and us, love nothing better than the thrill of the adrenaline rush. We decided that some stories need to be shared and we’ll try to do that in this feature that we are excited to call ‘TripnmeHero Tales’. Team Tripnme is proud to showcase the story of Sachin Kable and his challenging dream!
What makes it so challenging and why is Sachin’s achievement so inspiring?
Because of the high altitude, low oxygen level in air and extreme climatic conditions, this route is considered as the toughest route in India to travel on any vehicle or foot. It crosses through the coldest pass like Baralacha La at an altitude of 16,040 ft., Tanglang La, the second highest pass in world, at an altitude of 17,480 ft. as well as the Gata Loops .
When we first heard Sachin’s goal, we were both shocked and excited! The Leh-Manali terrain is far from easy to travel in. To cover this distance on foot and within such a short duration! – it was almost a dream! But Sachin was fully prepared with a plan and never-ending determination. He was also very eager and kind enough to share his story with us. If you’ve been seeing our Instagram (which you should, if you have any wanderlust in you and if biking is in your soul) you must have seen some snippets from Sachin’s grand quest! But there’s more to the story and here it is-
Sachin’s goal was to complete running an entire stretch of 464 km route from Leh to Manali on foot! His plan was to My target to finish this mammoth task in 7 days, meant that he had to cover approximately 66 km/day to complete it. Sachin said that “it will be like running seven ultramarathons in seven consecutive days.”


A huge challenge like this would require an enormous amount of endurance. Sachin was not intimidated by this and used proper training, diet, mental and physical fitness to prepare himself for 6 months. He had an optimistic attitude towards the challenge because of his previous experience with high altitude treks in Himalayas in India and Nepal.
We’ve showcased the highlights of Sachin’s successful adventure on our Instagram (@tripnme), here, we take you Behind the Scenes and learn more about this feat!
The additional challenge with completing this task was that it was a self-supported expedition. Though there was a support vehicle & a crewmember available for the expedition, Sachin would have to run the entire route on foot only and was not permitted to take any help from the vehicle.

The GPS equipment that Sachin used to trace the route was Garmin eTrex 20x. He also used a Go-Pro action camera & a Mobile phone to take snippets of his journey.

Despite the many challenges, both physical and psychological, Sachin finally made it to the finish line in a record time of 6 days, 12 hours, 31 minutes.

Tripnme is inspired by this assertive and self-confident adventurous soul who was kind enough to let us into the story. Those Seven days have shown us that we can do so much if we just believe in ourselves. Sachin is a reminder that if we are determined, we can find the strength to match the power of our deepest wishes.

We’d like to end this blog with a quote from Sachin himself about his motivation. We hope it inspires you to take up your adventurous dream too!

“I want to set this record to demonstrate that if we push our mental and physical limitation nothing is impossible.”

Do you have a dream that you want to make a reality?

Have you too, climbed your own Everest of difficulties? Know someone who has?

Come, let’s inspire the world to travel more and make life changing memories together. We would love to share your story! Do email us on

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