3 Badges Combo Bikerni + I’m A Biker black + Made Like A Gun



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A combo of 3 Badges for Riders & Travelers

A combo of 3 Badges for your Biking Accessories. Badges Combo: Bikerni, I’m A Biker black, Made Like A Gun

Bikerni This combo is guaranteed to appeal to the hardcore bikers. Badge is for those who are tired of the taunts about how riding bikes are a “guy” thing. Not anymore! We have this design made especially for boss girls like you. The frontal side of a bike, with the lamp and handlebar displayed in an elegant fashion. The two blinkers have a dash of pink to them. A ribbon-like background at the bottom houses the catchphrase dear to all female riders: “Bikerni”. The ribbon is coloured with shades of pink while “Bikerni” is in a contrasting white. A perfect design for the changing times and the changing mindsets.

I’m A Biker black On the second Badge, a colourful wheel encompasses the three magic words on a Black backdrop. No, not ‘I Love You’. The words are, ‘I’m a Biker’.

Made Like A Gun The third Badge seals the deal with its tribute to the Royal Enfield. A circle formed by yellow-orange dots of varying opacities and intensities gives this design a “moving” effect. On this patterned design is an incomplete drawing of a Royal Enfield. It has its seat and body missing. In its place, are the words, “Made Like A Gun, Goes Like a Bullet”.

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