Trip N Me Milestone Badges – 7 Sisters

Adventures add a spice to life. We know your bemoan that you don’t come across one very often. And so, Trip n Me brings to you our Milestone Badge series. High-quality badges that mark the adventures you have or wish to undertake! Get this badge themed especially for the 7 Sisters!


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Specialfeatures for Trip N Me Milestone Badge 7 Sisters

Trip N Me Milestone Badge is a new range of Badges introduced by Trip N Me in their accessories section.
  • Diameter 58mm – 2.25-inch
  • Round button badge
  • Pin-back glossy finish
  • Full colour print
Trip N Me Milestone Badge 7 Sisters

A badge design split into two parts. The upper half is a shiny yellow and displays the adventuorous graphic of mountains with the tagline: adventure begins. The lower half of the badge is white and records the milestone you want to remember: 7 Sisters. Get set go!


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