2 Badges Combo Jee leh kar leh + Julley R



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A combo of 2 Badges celebrating the spirit of Leh-Ladakh

A combo of 2 Badges for your Biking Accessories. Badges Combo: Jee Leh kar Leh  and Julley

Jee Leh kar Leh  Leh-Ladakh, also known as heaven on earth. This Badge is a shiny white one, with the graphic of a bike. A playful couplet of words, JeeLeh, Kar Leh in Hindi script, is embossed near it.

Julley  The second Badge welcomes you in Ladakhi language. Julley, or “Hello” in Ladakhi forms the central theme to this Badge design. The Tibetan flag froms a border over the Badge.

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